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Comprehensive Real Estate Services in Surf City, NJ

Find your perfect dream home on a beautiful oceanfront property when you turn to Chambers & Lackey Realty. We offer comprehensive real estate services in Surf City, NJ, to help you find the ideal property to buy or rent. Our skilled real estate experts have a vast knowledge of the area and the properties available and will help you throughout the real estate process.

Additionally, we also provide support to clients that are looking to sell real estate on Long Beach Island, providing you with the tools to bring your home to the market. So whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a home, trust our team to provide you with the support you need. Contact us today to learn more.

Perfect Properties for Summer Homes

Enjoy sand, sun, and cool ocean breezes when you choose one of our magnificent rental properties on Long Beach Island. These homes make the perfect location for summer vacation, giving you easy access to white sandy beaches and the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Plus, if you are looking for a more permanent location on the island, we have an extensive listing of homes for sale so that you can spend every summer on the New Jersey Shore.

LBI Rental Agencies

When it comes to living close to the beach, rental properties are always very popular in the housing market. That’s why our team is highly skilled in searching for the best property that will suit your needs. Whether you research LBI properties for investment opportunities or personal vacationing, you’ll notice that there are usually three main options that you can choose from:

Single-Family Homes
Multi-Family Homes

LBI Rental Agencies will tell you that each type of property has advantages and disadvantages, but their location still makes them a safe and worthwhile investment.


Condominiums are generally modestly sized and easy to clean and maintain, which makes them very appealing properties. Since the condo owner only needs to worry about maintaining the inside of their condo, they’re less work than most single-family or multi-family homes.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are very popular investments compared to condos because they're easier to sell and often sell for more money. They’re also more enticing to renters because of their spacious interiors and distance from neighbors.

Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family homes are a lot more work but offer the highest return on investment. When you have multiple families or tenants living in the same building, you’ll have more people occupying the spaces and, therefore, more rent. If a unit is vacant at any time, you’ll still be able to collect rent from the other occupants.

Contact us for LBI Rental Agency services to make the best property investment that works for you.

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Chambers & Lackey Realty
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